About Us

Finally Somewhere To Talk Openly & Learn About
Creating Touch, Love And Relationships


“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for  something. May I suggest that it be creating joy for others, sharing what we have for the betterment of personkind, bringing hope to the lost and love to the lonely”

– Leo Buscaglia


  • A place to meet and be met
  • A unique supportive community
  • Freedom to ask for what you want
  • Ability to get what you need
  • Learn effective communication skills

spouses & partners

  •  Are committed to your relationship and wanting more
  • Desire open communication to transform the relationship
  • Looking for support and guidance from others in your situation

care givers & carers

  • Who want to engage more fully with your clients
  • Want to allow for the conversations around love and relationships
  • Do not want to have these conversations but are looking for somewhere to refer

medical professionals

  •  Relate to their clients’ needs and desires for happiness
  • Want to learn to engage their patients in talking openly about love and relationships
  • Want to refer their clients to someone who can have these conversations