Valentine’s Day When You’re In a Relationship

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 18

Host: Dr. Kia James

Making Your Valentine’s Day Meaningful

For your information, many couples struggle around Valentine’s Day.  It can be a great, but stressful time for those in relationships. 

There are 364 other days that can make or break your relationship.  If you are waiting for Valentine’s Day and other holidays to express your love, your relationship may be in trouble.  To master your relationship, you must work on your relationship regularly. 

  • Happy Couples know that their partner is thinking about them regularly. John Gottman recommends to do Little Things often.

Pump your partners gas.

Prepare a surprise lunch.

If your relationship is on auto-pilot, Valentine’s day can be a gift to your relationship

  • Use this day to reconnect and recommit to your relationship.

Valentine’s Day is the gift giving holiday.  Gifts can be a nice gesture, but being creating and thoughtful does not have to come from an expensive gift.

  • Get an authentic and personal gift to show your partner that you are thinking about them.
  • Be creative and unique

Avoid Valentine’s Day pitfalls

  • Don’t fall into the trap of comparing your relationship to the relationship of someone else. That is not your relationship, and you do not know all the details.

What you see on social media does not tell the whole story of a relationship. Remember, people generally post the good times, and keep the bad times private.

  • If your gift is not expensive, it does not mean that your partner loves you less.
  • Let go of expectations, they can lead to disappointment.
  • Have conversations about the importance or lack of importance in gift giving. If you or your partner does not believe in gift giving, this information should be known before a gift giving holiday.

If you are experiencing an emotional disconnect in your relationship, it is time to work on your relationship connection.  Today is a great day to begin your relationship. Start by learning about your partner to assist with your reconnection. 

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