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For The Guys, What is More Attractive Than Confidence. _ First off, a big shout out to all the men & women that are on the frontlines. Doctors, nurses, truck drivers, grocery store workers, warehouse to name a few. _ You are all hero’s & we APPRECIATE YOU. _ I'm sure you know by now, It’s no secret that women love a confident man. _ The question is: _ Is that really the number 1 thing woman want in a man? _ I was on Zoom this morning chatting with a friend of mine & she coaches men too. _ So, we got talking about this & the answer is actually, NO! _ So what is that thing, that trait? _ Let's get after it! _ OK, well it's something that any man can develop. _ So, the trait that turns women on even more than confidence is: _ COURAGE! _ I have to say, this is something we all need right now. _ The thing is a lot of men confuse confidence & courage. So I will quickly explain how they differ. _ Confidence is when you believe you can do something, based on past experience. _ A quick example. If people usually really like talking to you & being around you, then you will feel confident in social situations. _ So, confidence is essentially your brain going... Hey! I know I have done this before, so I know I can do it again. _ Courage, is taking action even though you don’t have that past knowledge & success. _ This is realizing there’s a good chance that you might fail, but you still go for it anyway. _ And that guys is something woman find so sexy in a man! _ It shows women you are not going to let fear hold you back from getting what you want. _ Good news, even if you fail a few times, but show her that you still have the courage to keep taking action, translates to her that you will eventually reach your goals. _ This is a huge turn on _ Women instinctively realize this is the type of man who gets what he wants in life. _ So it’s up to you now to decide which type of man you want to be. _ Be a MAN of COURAGE. _ OK that's it, some immense value there for you. _ Be well.