What do men want in relationships

Podcast Episode 28

Interview with Panama Jackson the Co-Founder of Very Smart Brothas (VSB)

A Male Perspective on Relationships

Panama Jackson is a relationship and pop culture blogger. On today’s episode, he shared a male perspective on relationships.

A few of the topics covered in this episode are:

  • Is sex a priority for men in a relationship?
  • Is understanding the mind of a male essential to have a great relationship?
  • Are there things that are known as a real “turn off” for most men?
  • What are common themes that men struggle with in relationships?

The Burning Question: “What do Men Want in a Relationship?”

  • Men want to have Inside Jokes with their partner
  • Loyalty is a desired characteristic.
  • Men want to have the desire to want to come home.
  • A comfortable home
  • A relationship that helps him grow as a person.
  • A significant other that can slow him down and capture his attention.

Concisely, men and women want similar things in a relationship. The overall goal is to have a relationship with peace and happiness. It that too much to ask?

To connect with Panama Jackson or find out more about Very Smart Brothas, you can visit their website.

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