Protect Your Relationship

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 30

Chats with Monika and Kia

Affair Prevention

Don’t be the victim of an “After School Special” of relationships. You are not the exclusion to being in a relationship where an affair can occur.

What is an affair

An affair is Any external factor that comes between you and your partner. For the purpose of this podcast, the focus is on an emotional or sexual connection with another person.

Factors That Lead to an Affair

Stinking thinking is a set up for an affair. Your thought process will definitely leave a gap in your relationship for an affair to occur. There are a few mindsets that can leave your relationship especially vulnerable.

  • Thinking that your vows are enough to save your relationship is not realistic. You have to regularly work on your relationship to continuously strengthen your bond.
  • Putting your partner on a pedestal is a sure set up for failure. No one is perfect, and having unrealistic expectation of perfection can cause stress to your partner and your relationship. This can set your partner up to be secretive. When they are expected to be “flawless,” being able to discuss and be open about their flaws becomes more difficult.
  • Believing that you could never have an affair is the ultimate set up. When you believe that you are the special human who is not vulnerable, you are more prone to allow yourself to engage in behavior that can get out of control quickly
    • Remember, just because you communicate your vows to someone does not mean that they will respect you or your vows. In fact, your “friend” may be waiting and plotting to get into a relationship with you.
  • Avoiding confrontation and disagreements is a no-no. You and your partner need to have productive conversations to discuss problems in your relationship. The lack of open conversation will lead to relationship stress.

If you are in a relationship, an affair is possible. Protect your relationship today. Don’t wait for stress to attack your relationship and open the door to an affair. For more information on Affair Prevention, check out our Affair Prevention Webinar.