Don’t allow your past relationship to ruin your current relationship

Relationship Boosters Podcast Episode 31

Chats with Dr. Kia James and Monika Cope-Ward

There is a reason why your Ex is your Ex

In this week’s podcast we discussed how you can bring your past relationship into your current relationship.  This can happen so quickly and so easily.  Make sure you consider the consequences when you open the door to an ex.  Additionally, be aware that your current behavior may be the result of previous interactions with an ex-lover.  Review and analyze your current behavior.  If your current behavior has the potential to hold your lover responsible for the actions of an ex, it is time to change your behavior.

Ways your Ex Can Be Present and Problematic in Your Current Relationship?

  • Social Media Stalking your Ex can be tempting, but this can cause major damage to your current relationship
  • When there are problems in your current relationship, a friendship with your ex may be questioned.
  • If there is unfinished business in your previous relationship, this can wreak havoc on your current relationship.
  • Keeping the lines of communication open can be problematic to your current relationship
  • Comparing your significant other to your ex is a major fail
    • Don’t compare life to death

Make sure you do not ruin your current relationship by living in the past.  Don’t hold your current significant other responsible for the behavior of an ex.  They do not deserve the consequences from someone else’s behavior.  It also does not help you create a happy healthy bond in your current relationship.